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Welcome to Your Arts Integration Toolkit Companion


We at the Arts in Basic Curriculum Project hope you enjoy using the provided kit of lesson plans and supplies with your students! The kit you have received contains supplies and lessons to help integrate the arts into reading and writing in your classroom. Each kit features project based learning activities and will help your students develop reading, writing and creativity skills. The art supplies contained in the kit can be used far beyond the included lessons. These are some tips and resources to use your kit, and to use arts integration now and in the future.

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Help with Art Techniques

Get the most out of your arts integration kit with lessons on how to use your supplies.

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Professional Development

Learn about FREE digital professional development opportunities for you to enrich your teaching through the arts.

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Grants Available

Learn more about the grants available for teachers, schools, and districts to integrate the arts into their curriculum.

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More Ideas

Are you interested in more arts-rich ideas using the materials you now have? Find inspiration, teaching strategies and resources to use for your classroom.

Help with Art Techniques

Learn how you can use these supplies to integrate the arts, and develop reading, writing, and creativity skills. Check out Crayola Art Techniques for product how-tos and techniques on how to best use the materials in your kit:

Professional Development

The goal of Arts Grow SC is to provide equitable access to learning in and through the arts for South Carolina students. Learn about FREE digital professional development opportunities for you to enrich your teaching through the arts.

One Stop Workshop

One Stop Workshop Logo

The One Stop Workshop is a free, conference app for SC teachers. A collaborative effort with Palmetto State Arts Education (PSAE), this virtual platform offers a “one-stop” source for professional learning on arts in education, offering content for both educators interested in arts integration as well as discipline-specific arts specialists.

SCDE Instruction Hub

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The SC Department of Education (SCDE) offers the Instruction Hub, a Learning Object Repository (LOR) platform to provide more resources for lesson planning, student learning, exemplary teaching strategies and professional opportunities across our state.

*Click on your district and log in with your email credentials to access the Instruction Hub.


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KnowItAll features a wide assortment of over 9,000 media assets and lesson plans, created by South Carolina ETV with a variety of partners for Pre-K to 12. The content has been optimized for tablets and mobile devices for one-to-one learning.

Grants Available

Are you interested in more arts integration lessons, but don’t have the budget to pay for materials, equipment, supplies? Funding is available through Arts Grow SC for details about grants that are available for teachers, schools and districts.

Grants for Teachers

Grants for Teachers

Arts Teacher Support Grant
Learn More

Grants for Schools

Grants for Schools

Arts Teacher Support Grant
ABC Advancement Grant
Learn More

Grants for Districts

Grants for Districts

District Arts Support Grant
District Arts Coordinator Grant
Learn More

More Ideas

Are you interested in more arts-rich ideas to use the materials you have? Check out some great resources that Crayola provides:

Bank of Lesson Plans

Teacher and young student painting together.

Crayola’s bank of lesson plans is a resources to help find arts projects that connect to the content in your subject area.

Crayola Learning Platform

Art teacher with students.

Crayola’s Creative Learning Platform can help you find inspiration, teaching strategies and resources to use for your classroom.

Connect with the ABC Project!


The ABC App is a collaborative networking tool that connects you with individuals, organizations, and events in the arts across the state of South Carolina and beyond. Through the ABC App, you have the opportunity to:

  • See continuous updates from the ABC Project.
  • Connect & Collaborate with others in the ABC network.
  • Find out about upcoming events.
  • Share your events with others.
  • Discover available resources.
  • Join a Group based on your interests.

Share Your Success!

We want to hear from you the successes you have had in using the materials in this arts-integration kit! We invite you to ask questions, get help, share your success, and send photos of your work at the link below.

Emily Prado, District Program Specialist
Arts In Basic Curriculum Project
(803) 323-2451
Email Emily

If you share any images of your students’ work on social media, please tag us on Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #ArtsGrowSC.

This arts Integration kit was provided by the Arts in Basic Curriculum Project and funded by Arts Grow SC. Arts Grow SC is funded by the South Carolina Arts Commission and the South Carolina Department of Education through American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) funds.