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The SC Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities is committed to the growth of our state’s vibrant arts education community. As part of the school’s mission to serve as a resource to teachers and students in South Carolina, we offer a comprehensive and ever-growing series of Outreach programs designed to bring together artists, educators, community organizations, and students. These opportunities seek to match our available resources with the needs and interests of schools and partners statewide.

Project Details


Project Details


Spark: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Readers Through Drama


Thanks to positive findings from a five year summer pilot, Spark is expanding to a year-round model that brings story based drama experiences to students in up to thirty elementary schools statewide. Over the three year grant cycle, partnering schools receive in-school classroom and group drama services, co-teaching and arts integration experiences, drama intensives during summer Read to Succeed camps, guest theatre artist visits, professional learning opportunities, and more.


Spark is a regional outreach program that seeks to support Read to Succeed and reading improvement efforts at Palmetto Literacy Project schools statewide through the effective use of elementary level drama strategies. 

Spark builds reading engagement, reading motivation, and creative/divergent thinking by helping students connect the actor’s basic skill set (body, voice, imagination, cooperation & ensemble) to reading and storytelling.


As part of the Governor’s School’s commitment to being a resource and research center, the Office of Outreach will partner with researchers from the University of South Carolina to investigate Spark’s impact, using a nationally recognized and methodology.

Contact Information

For information regarding this project, please contact:
Carol Baker
Director of Outreach and Community Engagement
SC Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities
Email Carol | 864.282.3729