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Palmetto State Arts Education (PSAE) is a network of professionals dedicated to ensuring the availability and delivery of quality arts education.  Its mission is to advance learning in and through the arts for all students.

Palmetto State Arts Education supports this mission by:

  • Positioning arts education by developing awareness to ensure support
  • Providing support for educators to successfully develop and deliver arts education
  • Recognizing and acknowledging outstanding achievement and innovation in arts education

Project Details


Project #1 Details

Project #1

One Stop Workshop


The purpose of the One Stop Workshop is to provide relevant, useful, and high-quality arts education professional development resources for South Carolina’s educators via a stand-alone virtual platform.  With this platform, educators have flexibility of free of charge 24/7 access.  This project grew from PSAE’s experience in 2020 when in-person events were not feasible.  Consequently, Palmetto State Arts Education created a virtual event to take the place of its annual professional development conference.  PSAE invited other state arts education organizations to collaborate on a year-long event where each organization would add live and pre-recorded content throughout the course of the school year.  This partnership is incorporated into the One Stop Workshop where content is being provided by PSAE, the ABC Institute, the SC Art Education Association, the SC Music Educators Associations, and others. 

With the expanded platform of the One Stop Workshop, educators from across the state will have the opportunity to network with each other through the use of chat rooms that are built into the platform.  Teaching artists are able to have virtual “booths” where educators can review their work and what they have to offer schools. The sum of these features adds up to a “one stop” location that offers not only networking and professional development opportunities but the chance to find the perfect teaching artist for their needs.


The purpose of the One Stop Workshop is quality arts education resources and professional development for South Carolina’s educators.  Success will be measure by the breadth of materials that are available to educators, the number of educators who access those resources, and the value that educators find in the platform and offered resources.


PSAE will measure participation and perceived value of content through surveys collected from participating educators.

Project #2 Details

Project #2

Arts Integration Guidebook for Secondary Educators


PSAE is partnering with the ABC Institute on a three-year project to develop an Arts Integration Guidebook for Secondary Educators.  While arts integration at the elementary level is firmly established in South Carolina, it has lagged at the secondary level.  During the first year, PSAE will work with the ARTeacher Fellowship arts integration program at the Center for Children and Youth, University of Arkansas.  With a successful ten-year history, the program has a focus of cultivating high-level practitioners of arts integration in the teaching of English, foreign language, science and social studies through long-term, intensive professional development for a cadre of ten teachers from grades 7-12.  PSAE will work with ARTeacher and a group of its teachers to begin to form the outlines of the form and content for the Guidebook, making use of their experience gained through the ARTeacher program as well as its application in their classrooms. In years 2 and 3, PSAE will build on the work of the first year, utilizing additional resources such as the Arts Integration User Guide for New Jersey Educators and Practitioners to help define the structure as well the methods of presentation that the end product will take.


By the end of the three years, PSAE will have a completed Arts Integration Guidebook for Secondary Educators that will address the needs of South Carolina’s secondary educators and will help expand the use of arts integration in the state’s secondary schools.


For the three years of this project, evaluation of this project will be based on meeting benchmarks each year in progress toward the final production of the Guidebook.

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For information regarding these projects, please contact:
Jenny Kabool
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Palmetto State Arts Education
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